Who are we?

We are a group of Swedish roll-playing gamers, collectors, airsofters and reenactors. We have been going since 1991 - combining elements from reenactment, airsoft and live roleplaying. Our activities are mainly scenariogames set in a specific war setting. Doing so we mainly focus on the scenario characters and to create a atmosphere and the right feeling rather then focus on the right equipment or airsoft fighting. In most of the scenarios we use softairguns.
However sometimes we just go out and take photographs with the intention to attain authenticity.
We take inspiration from real operations and happenings, but usually make our own missions and characters.
We focus on playing as:

* Vietnam (airsoft-reenacting)
* Indochina (reenacting)
* WWII (adventure airsofting)
* SFK (Swedish Volunteer force in Finland WWII, reenacting)
* Military simulation (airsoft)
* Medieval guards

Our headquarter is located in the town of Knivsta, in Sweden but our members are from many different locations in central Sweden.

Finaly we want make clear that we are a non-profit, non-political organization.





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